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GMP-LA offers varied architectural consulting services. With over 30 years of experience in high-density multi-family and mixed-use projects we bring unparalleled knowledge and qualifications to our consulting services. Our consulting services include:

  • Quality Control and Peer Review Services of Architectural design and construction documents.
  • Expert Services including evaluation of claims, standard of care assessments, along with deposition and trial representation and other services as needed to assist attorneys and their clients.
  • Third Party During Construction Services including field visits and documentation, construction progress evaluations and other services as required by the client..

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GMP-LA Architects-LA continues to be in the forefront of providing successful project design, entitlement and construction document services to our clients. With over 30 years of experience and well over a 100 successfully built projects we know how to deliver a project that meets both the community and our client's expectations. Our architectural services include:

  • Schematic Design Services based on the client's program and governing jurisdiction requirements to provide alternatives for client input and ultimate approval.
  • Entitlement Design Services including 3D rendering and animation, context massing renditions along with providing services to assist the client with jursidiction entitlement processes and required document submittals.
  • Design Development Services including providing documents that fully define all aspects of the project from details of building components and systems to outline project specifications.
  • Construction Document Services as typical in our industry including coordinating and providing consulting engineer services and drawings, project specifications, permit processing and approval along with assisting the client in the construction bidding process.
  • During Construction Services to assist the Owner and Contractor during the project construction including periodic site visits, team meetings, payment request reviews, RFI responses along with review of value engineering proposals, product submittals and shop drawings as needed to facilitate a smooth construction process.

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