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From the inception of the project we work alongside the client helping to develop their project, including exploring site opportunities, researching zoning and code impacts as well as assisting the client with analyzing construction budgets in relationship to the project options. This information is combined with the client’s program input to create a Project Program. At this stage we also work with the client to develop the project vision and theme.


Once the Project Program is determined we prepare 2D and 3D architectural studies of project alternatives for the client’s review and use in further determining the project’s options with regards to entitlement and preliminary construction factors.


Our entitlement design services include 3D rendering and animation, freehand sketches, context massing renditions, scale models and project graphics all of which are provided in- house allowing for quicker turn around during the entitlement phase of a project. The firm’s comprehensive entitlement design services have been an important asset to the successful entitlement of our client’s projects. Please see the Featured Projects section for examples of these services.


We are highly experienced in all aspects of assisting the client and the entitlement team with the project’s entitlements, including multi-media presentations, public hearings, neighborhood meetings and all forms of public outreach.


These services are provided as is typical in our industry and include refining and further definition of all aspects of the project including integration of the building components and an outline of the project specifications. Project plans are developed in conjunction with consultant input resulting in plans that are ready to proceed to construction documents. These documents also can be utilized by the client for funding purposes or for further project refinement.


The construction documents are prepared to complete the design of the project and obtain construction permits. We work with our engineering and consultant team to comprehensively define all aspects of the project and fully coordinate the plans ready for permitting, final bidding and construction. At this phase if we also oversee the project specifications as part of our services


We provide traditional during construction services to assist the Owner and Contractor through periodic site visits, team meetings and payment request reviews. We also review RFI’s, value engineering proposals, product submittals, shop drawings and provide phone consultation or e-mail response to facilitate a smooth construction process.


The planning services we provide include 2D and 3d land-use studies to assist our clients with the highest and best use of their land parcels. Our architectural background is a valuable asset to making sure the client gets a viable planning document that considers realistic future building opportunities. In addition to zoning and site analysis and preparation of planning documents our services include assisting the client with putting together packages for obtaining related grants, entitlements or other market opportunities.

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